Porse come up with super fast ultra silka sports car

Just before the New York International Auto Show held in New York Porse bring out with first diesel-powered cars and Ultra slika sports car - News mashable.

The new Cayenne Diesel SUV car of Porse is called the most energyout  - economic car. It's on the market in the United States. Compared to the other petrol car this car is  more than 30 percent cost effective and can navigate 28 mile in per gallon oil. President and CEO of Porse Detelav von platel informs mashable that you can navaigate from NY to Indianapolis on only 1 gallon of oil.

Mashable said, the new UV engine is generally a 3.0-liter V 6 Turbo Diesel engine that has 40 horsepower. This car can speed up from 0 to 60 miles per hour within only 60 seconds.

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