Save your mobile balance from the fake offers

Is the balance of your mobile phone decreasing day by day? It is strange! Where is going tk 2.30 per day?

If you are facing this type of problem for a few days, then this tip is for you. Recently some fake people are spreading some attractive announcement on the internet with the help of Google ads. Those who have already faced this problem are familiar with the following ads-

  •        By giving your cell no. and just click on ‘Go ahead’. Then you will get a confirmation sms, on the sms you will get a code, which you have, to type on the site. Afterward your registration is completed. That means everyday tk2.30 is going to be slash from your account. However, you won’t understand anything of the matter!!

  •        Let’s  pay a little attention on the following ad-

  •      ‘This is a mobile application download service that offers entertainment contents (wallpaper, animation, games, application, video, etc.) for Free of Charge given that a nominal daily subscription fee is applicable. Daily Subscription fee: TK 2.00 15% VAT. Registration and first download from the portal is completely FREE. In addition, a user will receive 1 bonus credit download for the first time subscription to service. Everyday an active user will receive 1 FREE credit to download his/her desired content from the portal ( against this subscription fee. All content in the portal is equivalent to 1 credit download. Free download credits are useable till 7 days period; in other words, unused free credits will expire after 7 days. Once Free Credits are used up, a user is also allowed to download additional contents at regular price: (wallpaper at Tk. 10, Animation at Tk. 10, Games at Tk. 40, and Video at Tk. 30. MP3 tones at Tk 20. Etc.) In all cases, 15% VAT (value added tax) is applicable. Once successfully subscribed, a user will receive one welcome text (detailing service price, free content download info and deactivation info). An active user will receive free content link every day. Data charge is applicable based on respective data package of the user. For instance, data charge for a GrameenPhone P1 user is Tk 0.02/kbps. Service Activation key: BIN (sms BIN to 16261) Service Deactivation Key: BIN OFF (sms BIN OFF to 16261) Help Key: HELP (sms HELP to 16261)’

From the above ad, it is not clear that, actually what is offering in what price!! However, everything has a good side. That is, if you want to deactivate this offer then you have to type ‘"BIN OFF" then send a sms to 16261.

So………..hurry up! Stop the unnecessary cut of money from your mobile phone! Moreover, share this news with all of your well-wishers…
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