Virus attack on 600000 Apple computers

More than 600000 Apple computers are attacked by a new virus. After this attack there is a possibility to go the control of these computers to the hackers-said Russian anti-virus firm Dr Web.
Dr Web spotted this attack and told about this expands of “Flashback Trojan” on Saturday. It says that more than half of those numbers are based in the US & about 20% are based in Canada.
Dr Web said “many analysts used to say that Mac operating system can’t ever be infected. This occurrence has proved them wrong, of course!”
This Trojan has started spreading out since last September by Adobe flash update. AS soon as installing this infected update of Flash software it brings some changes in security settings. Hence the hackers are potentially able to control that computer. By taking advantage of some weakness of JAVA language, the later version Trojan is automatically installed on that computer- said the report.
Recently Apple has released patch to solve this problem-news of ABC news. They suggest installing this patch every Mac users removing the safety problem.

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