Assure the security of your computer with USB vaccine

Keep your computer safe from the autorun virus. You have to use a software named ‘Panda USB Vaccine. This 1MB software creates an autorun.inf file in your flash drive and restricts the entry of autorun virus in your computer. It protects your system until you format it. The autorun.inf file will be hidden on your drive and can’t be rename or replace. This is called the vaccine of autorun virus. After the vaccination, you can remove it from your system. You can download it free. After installing it, click on the taskbar icon. Then you will get like the following figure-

  • Now you will have to do two major tasks.
  • At first, click on the vaccinate computer.
  •  Then, connect the device which you want to vaccinate with the USB and click on the vaccinate USB. Now you will get like following-

So….. use this vaccine and make your devices secured.

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