Easiest way to be safe on internet. Check it.

We are becoming careless day by day. And hackers are taking that advantage. So hacking, phishing etc. are increasing day by day. There are many websites available where you can be a victim by simply log in there. You become trapped without knowing if the site is safe or not. It’s time to aware of cyber crime. That’s why mywot safe search engine add-on has been launched. And I am using it for many days. I am sharing it to inform you about it. It will tell you what is safe or what is not. Follow the rules given below to install it.
On the above image green marks are safe, red are very insecure, and yellow are a bit insecure.
Now see what to do.
In this way- 
  • At first go to this website. 
  • Then click on download button.                          
  • Now install the add-on & Re-start the browser. 
  • Now if you go to any harmful site then it will show you a warning. 
If you still ignore the warning then you are going to be trapped for sure!
So guys…always be safe & secure!
James Maxwell said...

Good ways to safe surfing.

Safe Internet Browsing Tips

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