Facebook launched it's new app centre

Facebook has launched app centre to provide software service to its users. Apple and Android operated Smartphone and tablet users will get more benefits from it. This service will be available within a few weeks said Facebook. That’s how software developers will get a chance to sell different app directly to Facebook users. This system is offering paid application for the first time in this social networking site.
To purchase or use any application from here it needs Facebook credit. However, there will be many free applications too. Authority expects to have more users with the availability of this app centre. Because it will fulfill various demands of facebook users.
  Mashable said the search box that is used to find friend, page or group same box is also used to search different applications. But soon Facebook will have a separate app Center like Apple’s app store or Android’s Google play. This will help to search each application separately. 
But Facebook said facebook app centre will work differently from other app store. Because most applications have already works in IOS or other third party sites or devices like Android. Those apps just have been connected with facebook as if the facebook users can get the services through their facebook account. That’s why in most cases when users will download any app from facebook app centre he will be forwarding to the app centre of that device.

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