Fake ID: recognize it easily

Facebbook has become very popular among people in recent time. And by using this popularity many people is opening fake accounts in facebook. From a statistical analysis, we got to know that almost 40% new facebook ID is fake.

Reasons for opening fake account:
  • Only for making fun
  • For making spam.
  • For hacking other accounts.
  • Ways to recognize fake ID
  • If you see that, any celebrity has sent you friend request.
  • If you there is no picture updating on the profile.
  •  If you see that, the ID is new but numbers of friends are more than 4000!
  • Sometimes the birth date may be begin as the following format 01-01 or 01-12
  • The privacy setting may be open for all.
  •  The information may be given as slipshod.
  • Sometimes it sends links of unrecognized sites and requests to join with that. 
  It never updates any status.

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