Hot solution of QT problem for Symbian users

Here I have divided QT problem into 3 parts:
  • For normal phone users (who haven’t hack their phone) 
  • For hacked phone users 
  • For CFW users
For normal phone users:
Normal users who didn’t hack their phone or installed software by signing certificates, QT doesn’t make any hazard for them. That means if your phone is unhacked then-
  • At first make sure that you have 15MB remaining internet on your phone. If you don’t have, take a new package. 
  • Go to OVI/NOKIA store or download any QT based software from internet.
  • Find an app from NOKIA store like: talking cat, anti-Mosquito etc. where a message will appear showing- "This item may require a one-time download of components as large as 13MB. Use of Wi-Fi is recommended." whilst downloading. Or install the QT based software downloaded from net. 
  • Download / install the software. You will be asked to download some component sized 8MB while downloading the software. Press OK/YES. 
  • Install will start after completing download & the app downloaded from NOKIA store/net will also be installing. 
  • Now you can start the Apps from installed Application folder. 
  • That’s all! You can install any QT based software from now but next time you don’t have to download any component with it anymore.

For hacked phone users:
To use cracked or unsigned software it needs hacking. So 80% of people hack their phones. But the real problem arises with Qt. Because, Qt can’t be installed on hacked phone. That’s why those phones have to avoid many QT based apps. To install QT based apps you may have little troubles. What you have to do is-
  • At first, restore your phone through the first hard reset I mean you have to unhack the phone. For doing that Press * # 7370 # & follow the next instructions. 
  • If the phone has been restored successfully then follow the methods shown above for unhacked phone. 
  • Now you can install any QT based app on your phone but cracked or unsigned app can’t be installed yet. 
  • Again hack your phone. 
  • Now you are able to install even cracked or unsigned apps besides QT based soft.
For CFW users:
My suggestion for CFW users is to change the firmware where QT is troubling. You can use a firmware named Photon. It is very good. And QT doesn’t make any problem in Photon’s latest version.

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