Modem unlocker: don’t miss it

Wireless internet connection has become very popular now days. For this, we need to have a modem in which we insert a sim card. Then we connect the device with our PC and start browsing. In Bangladesh most of the modems is huwei. In the near past, people were able to use all GSM sim card in one modem. Now companies have changed their tricks. Therefore, people can’t use one modem with different sim cards.
But people are still using different sim card in a huwei modem. You just need to have a small software. Download it- Huawei Unlocker.rar

As your download is completed, install it. Give a double click on the software, it will install automatically. If any error occurs, then click on continue.
You will see a tab named huwei, which is on the left side of connection. Click on that.
Then you will see a box named imei. You have to put your imei no. on that box. The imei no. is behind of your modem.
Now click on the button named, calculate code. You will get an unlock code and a flash code. Just like-
·         Unlock code- 54247945
·         Flash code- 34630784
When you will insert the sim of other brand in your modem, you have to provide the unlock code and the flash code. After that, you can use any kind of sim card in your huwei modem

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