Now blog comment, forum posting, social book marking can be done more quickly

Many people may know about this ADD-ONS. But there may be some new also who don't know. This post is for them. I believe it will help them.

  • Then go to the blog you want to comment on and find out the comment form.
  • Right click on any of the comment field and select add complete for as profile from menu.
  • Then set up your profile. Select -name, email, website, comment one by one & put your information in value field. Press OK.
  • Now go to any blog. Click on autofill form” button on the top left corner of the browser. Then you will get the comment form filled up with your information. Submit your comment now.
Field name can vary in different blog. There, put on field name on field rule after checking the HTML source. Thus, you can easily do your work like blog comment, forum posting, social book marking etc.

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