Now Google will show you mailing process

 Usually we send E-mail very easily & the recipients get it within 1 second. But nobody gives a thought how mails reach to the recipients. Now Google will show you the reaching process of E-mail through its new website Story of Send.
The term “Story of Send” means story after sending. This website of Google will show you an animated view of how an e-mail reaches from you to the recipient. Not only the sending & receiving process it will also show you the Google’s mechanism to protect your mails.
Here Google will show you how it saves energy & maintains highest standard of environment at its data center.
Google said, "Our Data Center is the world's most efficient data center that uses 50% less energy than other data centers."
Click here to see this website & the process of it. Or, if you want to see the image of data centre then click here to check.

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