Now make your PC speedier without any software

  • Never install themes on PC. It will make your PC slower. 
  • Don’t install animated wallpaper, voice watch etc. these will make your PC slower. 
  • Always keep your recycle bin empty. Don’t keep any file in recycle bin. It will also make your PC slower. 
  • Go to start & click on Run. Then type Prefetch, temp, %temp%, cookies, recent one by one & click on OK. Delete all folders after opening. If any file isn’t deleted then leave it & delete rest of them. 
  • Click on Run from start menu time to time, type tree & press OK. It will increase the performance of RAM. 
  • Place your cursor on desktop, click on right button on mouse, go to Properties. Now click on setting from right side select 16 bit & press OK
  • Again go to start & click on Run then type msconfig & press OK. Now click on service from right side. The programmes you don’t use regularly unmark them.  Now click on startup & unmark all from left side & press OK. Restart your PC now. 
  • Now open My Computer, right click on C drive and go to Properties. Then click on Disk Cleanup. Wait for a while. a new window will appear. Mark all box on  left side & OK it. You can clean each drive in this way. 
  • Go to start from control panel. Double click on Automatic Updates. Select Turn off Automatic Updates & press OK. It is applicable for internet users. 
  • Place cursor on My Computer, click right button to go to Properties. Now, select Advanced Settings. Click on setting under Performance. Unmark all boxes except lowest one & Click OK

  • Again place cursor on my computer click on right button to go to properties. Now select Advanced. Then click on Error Reporting on right below. Select Disable & click OK
  • Go to properties placing the cursor on My Computer. Click on System Restore. Mark Turn off System Restore on all drives & click on ok. A new window will appear there. Click on Yes. 
  • The fewer icons on your desktop the speedier your PC will be. 
  • Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete or right click on Task bar to open Task manager. Then click on Process. There will be a list of many programs. Select the programmes are not used recently & click on End process to off them. There are also some operating programs. If you off any operating program mistakenly & that creates problem in your operating system, then restart your computer. Problem will be solved. 
  • If your computer has less RAM it can slow down your computer. By increasing the virtual memory, your computer can be a little faster. To increase the virtual memory, right click on My Computer & go to properties. Now click on Advance & then settings under performance. Again click on Advance. Now click on Change, when new window will appear to set initial size & maximum size as your wish then OK it & exit from there. But it is better to set the initial size twice than your RAM size & maximum size should be 4 times than RAM. 
  • At first, go to Control panel. Then double click on Add or Remove. Now click on Add / Remove windows components from left side. A new window will appear. Unmark the programs you don’t use regularly then select Accessories and Utilities & click on Details. Another window will appear, unmark useless programs & OK it in the same way. Now click on Next. Here will come Successful massage & click on Finish. Restart your Pc if you are said it. 
  • Just install the software you need. The softwares are not useful all the time, uninstall those after done with them. 
  • If you De-fragment your hard disk regularly & it has 15% blank space, your PC will be faster. The more blank space in hard disk is better. 
  • Using portable software than installing those make PC speedier.

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