Secure your facebook ID

In recent times, hacking has become a popular issue. Many of us face embarrassing situation infront of our friends for the hacking of our facebook ID. If our ID is secured, then it can’t be hacked. There are several ways to check the security of facebook ID.

At first go to facebook and then go to the following link,
It will show you ‘strongwritten by green color if you are secured, and if not then you will see ‘low’ written by red color. In this situation, you will be given three options to improve your security.
  •   At first, you have to add more than one email address.
  • Then you have to add your cell phone number in your account.
  • At last, you have to add a security question.
If you fulfill these requirements, then it will be possible to regain your lost account. Moreover, on the upper right side of your account page you will find the option ‘Account/Account Settings/ Account Security’ go to there and click on the check boxes of the ‘change’ option. After this, when you login your account, you see a page ‘name new computer’. You have to give a computer name and continue. Now when you login to your ID, a message will be sent to your cell phone informing the name of computer which were used in the last login. If the name doesn’t match with you, then change your password immediately.
You can look-over some more facts for your security. Such as-
  • If you are invited to click any doubtful link, so don’t click on that.
  •  Do not add any distrustful applications on your ID.
If you already have add such type of application, then go to this option- account/privacy settings/edit your settings (application and website) from here you can see the unnecessary applications. And to remove it, click on the remove option of ‘app you use’ tab.

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