services of Google chrome

Google chrome is a freeware web browser. It is developed by Google. At the beginning Google has released a Google Chrome beta version for Microsoft Windows on 2 September 2008. Later the public stable released on 11 December, 2008. As of January 2012 its user ratio increased from 25% to 28%.  Google chrome is a very fast browser. YouTube, facebook etc. can be easily used through it. 

In 2008 Google has released a large segment of chrome’s source code & the project was named as “chromium”.  These codes are very much helpful for third party developers. Moreover, Google expects their browser would be able to adopt V8 javaScript engine. The Google Chromium is released under the BSD license & other parts of the source code are subject to various open source licenses.  Chromium’s features are very much alike Google chrome.
At last on February 2012 Google has released beta for android.

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