Want to be an artist? Now make your dream comes true.

Hello guyzz. Today I got something interesting and useful for you. Many people prefer to draw pictures. In particular, girls like it more as they are born with this talent! But boys are not left behind indeed! In fact most of the famous artists are male. However, here I would like to share a software that will be useful for all. It is named SmoothDraw. It’s only 2MB & it’s free! Let’s see some pictures are drawn with this software. 

Some features of SmoothDraw

  • New kind of brush & re-touch tools. 
  • Text tool and selection tool. 
  • It supports several formats, including Photoshop, PSD, PCD, PCX, and DDS. 
  • It has the same kind of shortcut as the Photoshop shortcut. 
  • Here middle button of mouse is used to drag the canvas like 3D MAX 
  • Import and export support layer & many more!

See here for more details.
Using this software is sooo easy, so nothing more to explain about it. Just use your drawing talent. Or,if you want to draw somthing like following pictures then go to this link & get to learn the process.

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