Want to be a successful blogger? Learn here about WordPress.com & be one of them( part-2)

Guyss...again I have come with this tutorial. I hope the first part of this topic helped you! In that part I let you know what is WordPress & WordPress.com. And now I will explain how to register on WordPress.com. So, let's start it.

Registration process of WordPress.com
  • Now you have to fill out the registration form:

Blog Address: give a name as your wish. This will be your blog address.
Username: set a name here too. This name will be used as admin ID of your blog.
Password: Enter a complex password on password box.
E-mail Address: Enter your email address correctly.
What language will you be blogging in? : Choose the language you want to use in your blog from this option (the language can be changed later).
Create Blog: Once you fill out the form correctly, click here.

You will be sent an e-mail to your given e-mail address from WordPrerss.com after clicking on create blog.

There will be an activation link. Click on that link to active your blog. Check your email and click on Active Blog button.

You will be forwarding to admin area/ dashboard of your blog now. From where you can control your blog. That means, you can post on your blog, install any media file, install theme, customize the setting of different theme, edit any comments, add users to your blog, view your blog stats or even you can delete your blog from here & many more.
Since the registration process has been completed, you can now see your blog. Type the address you chose at the time of registration on your browser. See your newly created blog!
Check here  for following parts of this tutorial.

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