Want to be a successful blogger? Learn here about WordPress.com & be one of them( part- 5)

Friends..let's start with the fifth part here. Last time we talked about the admin part of WordPress.com. Here I am for remaining discussion. Before, starting that check here for previous part of this tutorial who missed that. And I starting here for you guys, who are with me from the very beginning-



You can create pages for your blog from here.
All Pages :
You can see/edit/delete all pages you created before from here.
Add new:
Click here to add new page to your blog.


You can see/edit/delete all comments of your blog from here.


You can check visitor’s feedback from here.

Polls :


This option is to control the surveys you created on Polldaddy.com.
All Polls:
Here you can see all polls you created.
Add new:
Here you can create new poll.
Custom Styles :
You can change your post style from here.



You can use rating of Polldaddy from here also as like poll. This allows you to see the rating of each post.

All Ratings :                                                                                                                                      
Here you can see all ratings together.
Reports :
You can see the report of all rating here.



Appearance is an important option of your blog. Through it you can change the theme of your blog, arrange the widgets, create a menu, change the background etc.
You can select theme from here as your wish.
From here you can add to various widgets at the sidebar of your blog.
From here you can create menu for your blog.
Theme Options:
From this option you can change scheme color, link color, default layout etc.
It gives you the option to change background image or color of background.
You can add/remove header image, add text color etc. from here.
Custom Design:
Customize your theme from here. But you have to buy this feature to do that.

If you want to make your site mobile friendly then this option is for you. It will also help you to control the view of your site from moblile.
It helps you to control special theme what you can offer when any I-pad user visits you.
Read the following parts of this tutorial here...if you face any difficulties..let me know that. I will try to help you!
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