Want to be a successful blogger? Learn here about WordPress.com & be one of them( part-1)

In this tutorial we will learn the registration process of WordPress.com, introduction of dashboard and other important options. In addition we will learn using dashboard. This is the first part of our tutorial.I hope when we will finish it, you will be a professional blogger. Let's introduce with WordPress and WordPress.com first.

WordPress is an open blogging software creatd by PHP and MYSQL. It is free! And now it is the most popular content management system (CMS). Moreover, 14.7% of world’s first range websites uses it. (Source: Wikipedia) You can find more details about WordPress here.

Some cool features of WordPress:
  • You can create a blogging website by using it without having any knowledge of PHP & HTML. 
  • Your website can be more automated by installing cool plugins. 
  • It has a huge theme storehouse. You will not have to worry about theme ever. 
  • Moreover, there is also availble plugin or theme customization facility. It allows you to arrange your site as you wish. 
  • Advantage of the blog posts and static pages 
  • Simultaneous multiple user’s blogging facilities and much more!
Address of this software is www.wordpress.org.

What is WordPress.com?  

WordPress.com is a free web blog hosting provider. Which is managed by WordPress software.

Generally, when we build a website it needs a domain and hosting. That needs to buy. WordPress.com is such a hosting provider who will provide you free sub-domain with 3GB hosting space. And WordPress has been set-up there on that sub-domain / hosting. So you don’t have to buy domain/hosting for blogging on WordPress. It just needs a simple account registration on WordPress.com & you will get it all. In this tutorial we will learn how to own a blogging site by registering on wordpress.com. Furthermore, here you will get the full using method of WordPress.
Check here for more details.

Some limitations of WordPress.com:
  • You can not install plugin. 
  • You can not customize theme as you wish to. 
  • As you provided the domain/ hosting for free so they can advertise on your site (usually doesn't). 
  • You can not use Google Adsense on this blog.
 This was the first part of our tutorial. Let us know how much it helps you! See here for the rest of this tutorial.Stay with us!

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