Backlinking strategy

Hello friends, how are you all? Bloggers have their own sites. And they want to spread their websites or want to increase the ranking of the websites. But the problem is, if you add your link on the article what you post on the site. The admin of the site will remove your post; even he may ban you from the blogging site.
But now you can back link for your site. For that, you have to comment on any post of the site. And when you comment, you have to use the following code-
<a href=””>:)</a>
On the code, instead of, you have to give the link what you wanted to spread. One more thing you have to do. That is, on your comment you have to use any smile icon. If you do so, then a link will add with the smiley. And if anyone click on that icon, your site will open. This back linking tricks is known to Google and for this, the ranking of your page will increase.

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