Check here to know all about oDesk.

At first go to this link-
Click on “Sign up”.
Now click on “Find work” tab.
Fill up all boxes below. Then enter verifying code & submit it.
Now go to your E-mail ID & verify it.

After that this link will appear there.
Click on “Create your Profile”

 1. Profile name.
2.  Picture
3.  Title (name of work/ category)
4.  What type of work you want to do/ you are expert on what etc.
5.  Select your hourly rate you want.
6.  Your proficiency in English.
7.  Select what type of work you want to do here.
8.  Profile visibility to everyone.
9.  Your address  (must real address).
10.Save profile.

Your account is ready!
Following page will appear there- Click on the “Complete your Profile”

Fill up following options:
1.  Add your work category if any missing.
2.  Add some skill (Like what else you can do)
3.  Your employ history (IF any).
4.  Your Education information.
5.  Your portfolio( Some example of your work you done before).
6.  Work certification
7.   Any other work history. 

Save it!
Now go to first page.

You can take part on a free test here to show your skill. Or try it later(Optional).

But you can’t avoid this test below-“Take the oDesk readiness test”. It’s compulsory.

Now turn back to first page to verify your identity.

Now you must submit the scan copy of following things:
1. passport/ ID card
2. bank statement/ any bank copy
Step 1: upload the copies here.
Step 2: Your address.

It will need 10-12 days, more or less to verify your information.
No problem. You can continue your work between these times.
Now see How to bit a job---
Go to “Find Work” tab.
Choose a job category what you can do.

Click on the work you found easy.
Click on "Apply to this job" tab whatever you found easy.
Now fill-up these..
1. Your rate of work.
2.  Try to write a brilliant cover letter. It will make your impression to them.
3. You can attach any file to show your previous work on that sector.
4. Check the agreement terms.
5. Apply to this job

If anybody reply you, that will be shown here.

If you got any hour bsed work then you have to Download a software named "oDesk Team". Login there before starting your work because it will ount your work hour.
That’s all! Happy working!

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