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Guyzz how are you all? Today I am here with a few words about online earning. How many of you earn through freelancing job? I think most of the people choose PTC or ad view as the way of earning. However, they have no clear idea about the companies in which they are investing. Most of the people does not know that, how the companies are getting ads. As a worker, you have the right to know the material fact of the companies. Because if you do not know about the status of your recruiting company, how would you sure about your earning?
Therefore, I am here with the solution of this problem.
This is an outsourcing company. And by registering yourself in this association, you can learn many things about outsourcing besides earning.
By clicking on the logo given below, you will get your support number.
EONext is different from the typical outsourcing organizations. You will need tk 3500 only to open your account. You do not have to upgrade the account by paying extra amount.
Your daily earning will be 2 dollar. You will get $1 for signing up and $1 for viewing ads.
How to withdraw money:
You can withdraw your earning from Dutch Bangla Bank (DBBL). Moreover, mobile payment service is going to be established soon.
Let us have a look on the rank achievement:
  • EO Power
  • EO Pro
  • EO Leader
  • EO Team Manager
  • EO Legend

Every rank achiever is going to receive special intensive and admiration.
If you need any problem, then click on the above image and wait for a while. You will get the support number.

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