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Nokia handsets have been very popular these days. But now a days, sis and sisx installation on the editions of s60 3rd and s60 5th handsets needs appropriate certificate. So that any sis format software that is developed by the third party, can’t be installed in the mobile. If you try to install it, you will see the following text-
  i) Certificate expired
 ii) Contact application supplier
iii) Unsigned application
iv) Constrained by certificate
v) Unable to install a protected application from an untrusted  supplier
I am here with the solution of this problem.
Required instruments-
·         You need to have a file named nasir toolbox. You will get it from mediafire. if you face any problem to download, then go to the LINK
·         Memory card reader or USB cable of nokia handset.
·         a symbian handset which is not hacked.
·         A computer (desktop or laptop)
Now follow the procedures-
Step 1-  At first download the nasir toolbox from the following link. You will have to provide a password. The password is PCHELPLINEBD
This is a rar file. You have to extract it on windows 7. After that, you will find the following file/folder-
1.       drweb_antivirus.sis
2.       a folder named Installserver
3.       a folder named 20024113
4.       RomPatcher+_3.1_LiteVersion.sisx
5.       A folder named Patches
Step -2  Now connect your mobile with the PC. If you don’t have USB cable, then connect the memory card via memory card reader.
Step-3  If you connect the mobile via USB cable, then make sure that your mobile doesn’t connected by PC suit. Connect it on the mass storage mode. Moreover, you have to turn off the nokia suit or OV suit. Thus, you can easily enter in the system file of the memory card.

Step-4  Now copy the 20024113 folder on the private folder of your memory card. Make sure that, you are not copying it on the phone memory. If you don’t find the private folder then, turn on the option show hidden files of your PC. Still you are unable to find the private folder then, create a folder, and copy the asked folder in that.
Step-5  After that, copy the following four items on your memory card and disconnect your phone from the PC.
1.       drweb_antivirus.sis
2.       patches
3.       Installserver
4.       RomPatcher+_3.1_LiteVersion.sisx
Step-6  Now install the antivirus named drweb_antivirus.sis on your PC. If you are asked any registration key, just press cancel. So the antivirus will be activated on trial mode. And that will be enough for our next task.
Step-7  Now activate the antivirus, Go to Options > Quarantine> Options> Select all > Options > Restore. See the picture
Step-8  After that, install the file named RomPacther+ 3.1 Lite. After the installation, turn it on and you will find like the following figure-
Step-9  Apply the Install Server RP+ and Open4All RP+  

Step-10  On the above figure, you can see the applied options are marked green. If they are crossed by red color then you have to follow the given procedure.
Now your handset is hacked. Start installing any kind of software. Go to the options of these patches and select add to auto.
If you face any problem:
You will find a file named installserver.exe inside the installserver folder. Copy the file in the C:/sys/bin folder which is in the phone memory. You should paste it with the help of explore or mobile guard. Now you might think that, which version of the file will suit your mobile. For this, you have to search on the Google. Let your handset is nokia c5. Therefore, you have to search like the following-
nokia c5-oo full specification.
As a result, you will find the website of gsmarena. It will be on the top of the search result. Go to that site. From there you will find the full configuration of your handset. On the features, you will find- symbian OS v9.3. This is the required version of the file. Your hacking will be completed without any disturbance.
Here I am giving a link of some supporting software.
*** Note: All Symbian Os9.x, Symbian ^3 , Anna and belle series devices can be hacked by using this method (please use symbian ^3 installserver for both Anna and belle).

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