How to complete oDesk profile 100%

Do you know how to complete your oDesk profile 100%.

For completing 50%

At first you have to open an oDEsk account.
Then enrich your profile with necessary information.
Now give a title & don’t forget to attach a photo of yours.
Give your-
  • Hourly Pay Rate.
  • Your address.
  • Postal code/zip code of your area.
  • Your mobile number.

Save these information & see your profile is 50% completed now.

For completing 75%

Select the works you are interested to from categories.
Select skills as like you did on categories.
Employment History-
If you have any employment history then write it here or if you don’t, not to worry! Make something. They won’t find that out!
Education Qualification-
Add your educational qualification.
Portfolio Project-
If you have project portfolio add that here. It will help you to get work.
Other Experiences-
Select any skills on other experience tab.

congratzz!Your profile has been made-up 75%!

For completing 85%

There are two compulsory tests for you.
Give these tests.
you can check out here for getting common all the questions & answer. Your profile will be completed after passing these tests.

For completing 100%

Give these tests-

I am providing you the download links of all answer sheets. Just click on the tests mentioned above. Or, if you want to download those altogether then click here.
That’s all!

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