How to turn off automatic windows update

Many of us face a common problem of getting automatic updates in windows even after turning it off. Let me fix this problem. This time it won’t happen again, I promise!

At first go to Run & type regedit.exe. Press Enter.
Go to software on it.
Then go to Microsoft.
After that go to current version from windows.
 Right click on policies. Select key from New.
Name the new key as “Explorer”.
 Now right click on Explorer & go to new to select DWORD 32 bit value. 
 Name of it- No Windows Update.
Make double click on doward & type 1 in value data.
 Click OK to close regedit. Finally, restart the PC.
Now check windows update & see the magic!!
If anyone finds this process difficult then download the reg file from here. Run this file & restart your PC. That’s all! Thank you all.

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