Make your money transaction easier & safe via bKash


 what is bKash?

bKash is one of the easiest and fastest method of sending money anywhere in Bangladesh by using mobile network.

Why should you prefer bKash only?

  • You can send money anywhere in Bangladesh within a second.
  • You will get shopping facilities anywhere inside the country. So far I know, this is currently available in Aarong! And if you have a shop, you can receive the payment from your customer through bKash. It only needs a simple registration.
  • Some online shopping sites are currently supporting bKash. So that you can  go for online shopping also.

Essential stuffs for registration:

  • Robi or grameenphone number.
  • 1 copy passport sized photo.
  • Photocopy of voter ID or passport or driving license (no need to be attested).
  • The person who is to be registered needs to be adult I mean above 18 & needs to be physically present while completing registration process. This process is completely free!!

Registration process:

At first you have to find an agent of bKash of your area. Don’t worry! You will get their address on internet. Just click here. Select your area name (where you want to be registered).
Then click on Find to get the address of the agents. Then you have to go that place along with the necessary papers for registration (mentioned up above). The agent will give you a form. Fill that up. You will get a configuration message on your mobile after that.
Now you have to create a transaction PIN for you constructed with four digit .Keep it secret. You will need it at the time of withdrawing money. Your registration is completed!

Loading money:

Now it’s time to load the money on your account. It is the easiest process as similar to flexi load. Just give the money & your number to the agent & you are done!

Withdrawing money:

At first inform the bKash agent about the amount you want to withdraw. He will give you his account number. You have to send your money to that account. For doing that, dial- *247# from your mobile.  You will get bKash menu there. Select the option- Cash Out. After that select- From Agent, type the account number of agent & press OK. Then you have to give your PIN number. Yeah! Now you will get your money! Or if you won’t do these works ask the agent to do these for you. No problem! Just don’t give him your PIN number. Keep that secret & safe!!


You can also send money others from your account. But in that case it will charge you extra tk.2. So if you want to send money to anybody do that through the agent. Then you don’t have to pay the extra charge.
Thanks to all!

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