Most simple way of E-mail tracking

Though tracking mail through add-ons or tools is kind of difficult but “right inbox add-ons” is an exception here. It is only supported on G-mail, Mozilla Firefox & Google chrome browser.

Now see what you will get here:

  • You will get receiver’s IP address.
  • You can be assured about reading of your mail.
  • You can send mail at any time you want.
  • Receiver will never find out that he is tracked in.
  • Any kind of extra options or toolbar won’t be added on browser.

So…what are you waiting for? Install it now!

Installation process:

For doing that at first log-on to from the browser you chose for it. Copy this link & paste it to that browser.
Then click on Install now. It will take 2/3 sec to for installing.
Now restart your browser.
Click on Grant assess & follow the instructions there.


You can upgrade it whenever you want.
Now click on compose mail & see the magic! You will get two new buttons there. Actually it is an amusing option. You can also use it for wishing any friend. Just send the mail whenever you want & set a fixed time for it. Your receiver will get that on that particular time. So now if you forget any special day of your friends nothing to be worried!

If you face any problem just restart the browser. Sign out & then sign in your mail again and again until you get it right.
Compose the mail you want to track to & then mark “track” button above.
Whenever that E-mail will be checked out you will get an E-mail tracking mail from including time zone, country name, IP address, location( Google map) and the time when he opened it.

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