Now have playstation3 games on your symbian

Ps3 is a very popular gaming system. These types of games are all HD & full of fun. Now you can play these games on your symbian phone.

You will need an Emulator named Scummvm to play these games.
Download from here..
  1. Download for s60v1
  2. Download for s60v2
  3. Download for s60v3+s60v5

Now install the emulator & after that restart your phone.
Now go here to download games.
Now extract the game to memory card. You will find there a folder on the name of that game.
Now open the installed emulator. Select Add Game, following image will appear there.

If there creates any problem to move your cursor after opening emulator. Press call key. You will see CTRL there. Press down ‘0’ & ‘9’. Now once again press call key. Problem solved!
Put your cursor on memory card from there & press OK twice. So that, the folder will be selected in following way.

Then select choose below.
Here will come the details of the game. You can change the language from here. Now press OK.
Click twice on the game.
Now start playing ps3 HD game!!......ENJOY!

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