PTC sites: easy way of online earning

Friends.. we all know about online earning. Everyone is eager to earn on internet. But the main problem is, most of the people do not get good amount of payment. So today, I am going to introduce a few sites, which will pay you properly, infact you will receive high amount of payment.
 PTC (paid to click) is the easiest way of online income for the new comers. But you have to be patient to earn by this way. For this, you will have to register yourself in a specific site. Then you will have to log in on that site regularly and have to click on some given add and link. You can earn near about 0.01doller upto 0.04 doller for every click. You can withdraw your earning when 1 upto 5 doller will be in your account.
It will take 2 minutes upto 5mintes for clicking on the links of a site. But there is also some false PTC sites as these sites are very popular among people. So you have to be so careful in choosing the PTC site for which you want to work. Now I am going to tell you how to join the PTC site, types of working and how to income. One of the popular PTC sites is clixsense

How to register on clixSense:

Step 1- at first go to the following site
Step 2- at the top of the right side you will find the option sign up. Click on that.
Step 3- now you will see a form. Fill up that properly. And click on the option named create account.
Step 4- Now go to your email account and click on the verify link. A new tab will open. Your registration procedure is completed now.

How to work on clixsense:

Step 1- go to clixsense site and click on the login option.
Step 2 After that, give your user ID and password on the required place and login to the site.
Step 3- After login, you can see various ads by clicking on the view ads.
Step 4- after clicking on the view ads, you will see many ads. Click any one of those ads and a new tab will open. Wait for a while. You will see an option click on the cat. Then, choose the appropriate image and wait for a certain time. Thus, a certain amount of cent will be deposited in your account. Stay on the same page until you do not get the confirmation such as, your click has been validated. It may take 30 seconds time.
When your click will be validate, go to the previous page and click on the other advertisement like the same. You can click the ads once in every 24hours. You will receive 1-cent upto 4cent for each click. Mainly the earning on PTC site depends on your referrals. The more referrals, you can earn more. Half of the earning of your referral will be added to your account.
Let us make this clear with an example. Suppose, in this site everyday you are checking four ads. Then your monthly income will be
4x30= 120 cent
If you have 20 referrals then the income will be 120x20 = 2400 cent. Or 24.00 doller.
So start earning with PTC sites.

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