Transfer WordPress to Blogger & Blogger to WorsPress

We know WordPress is the best platform for blogging. But WordPress limits some necessary works for free users. Like- use of JavaScript and Ad sense what is only applicable for premium users. Whatever, if you want you can easily transfer all posts & comments of WordPress blogs to Blogger.
Required steps:
  1. Login to your wordpress account-> Dashbord >Tools>Export> click on Download Export File button. save the file to Hard Disk.
  2. Now go to the site of WordPress2Blogger-> click on Choose file button. Browse the previous files & click on convert & then again save the files.
  3. Login to Blogger Dashbord>Settings>Blog Tools> Click on Import blog and browse to the location of converted file & import those.

You can also transfer Blogger to WordPress Blog in the same way.
Required steps:
  1. sign in to Blogger.
  2. Go to WordPress account where you will move the posts->Dashboard->Tools-> Import->Click on Authorize button-> Click on Grant Access button-->now you can see the posts in Blogger blog-> click the Import button 
And you are done!

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