Use your Android as remote control of your PC

Now you can use your Android as remote control of your PC. You just need you Android phone & a Bluetooth device. So let’s start the work!
At first download the server from this link. To use this software you will need to have .NET framework4 in your PC. If you don’t, then download that from here.  now download the app “unified remote” to your phone from android market. Or, scan the following picture by “Barcode scanner” of your phone  install the app. Now install the app to your PC.  Make pair with your phone from your PC.  Now open “unified remote” server on PC.  Activate “unified remote” on your mobile. Click on server to select  your PC. Now control your PC choosing any of remote from remote option.
Advantages of Unified Remote

  • Bluetooth Mouse
  • Bluetooth keyboard
  • File Manager
  • VLC controller
  • Power controller
  • Firefox controller, etc.

If you get disconnected any time then add the server again to reconnect it. 

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