: URL shortening service that pays you (part 2)

Hello friends… how are you today? On our previous part of this tutorial, we discussed about how to sign up and earn from site. Those who missed our last part can follow the link-
Today we will discuss about some more options of site, though we have already given a full concept about site on our previous session.
  • Bypass links.Most of the times specially when we want to download something we have to click on or some other links and wait for some moments. I will give you an add-on, with the help of this you can skip the links and do not have to wait. At first, go to the following site and download the add-on named Greasemonkey. Then install the add-on to your browser and restart your browser.
  • Bypass links (another process)
You can skip link by giving a small java code. Follow the procedures-
1.       Open any link.
2.       Type the following java code on the address bar and press enter. Then you will see the button SKIP AD. Thus you can bypass.
  • There is way to use mediafire with
Many of you cannot use mediafire link with because, mediafire blocks any traffic from if you click on SKIP AD and see the option “Oops! An unexpected error 369 occurred”, or see the index page of mediafire. then you should know that, this is the problem.

Solution of this problem:

  • Go to any link and wait for 5 seconds. Then you will find skip ad. Give a right click on that and copy link location. Now open a new tab on your browser, paste that link on the address bar and press enter. You are done!
  • Today I am going to give you a small software. This is a 960kb software. With this software, you can download mediafire files with resume support. To download the software, go to the following link-
  • bot 2012 (Unlimited earning):
Now you can earn without any limitation from for this, you will need a software. Download it from the following link-
               Open the software after download is completed and run it as admistrator.
1.       Enter five links on the link box.
2.       Click on each option.
3.       Click on settings.
4.       Search for new proxy on google, and paste it on the box of proxy.
5.       Do not need to change user agent or any other things.
Click on start. Wait for some moments. And you are done!!
If you face any problem to find proxy, then go to the following link-
This was all about the Happy online earning friends!!!
Anonymous said...

Just FYI, that's not "JAVA" code, but JavaScript code. Very, very big difference. ;c)

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