The complete CSS tutorial for beginners- part 1

Here we came to describe a complete tutorial about CSS. This is the first part of this tutorial. If it helps you in anyway my effort would be succeeded.

What is CSS?

CSS is the abbreviation of Cascading Style Sheets. It is the simplest technique to determine the content, size, shape, position, color, motion etc. of a web page.
CSS is used to identify the different parts of a web page created by HTML & determine the structure, size, shape, position, color, mobility etc. of it. There are several selectors used for it. They are-
  • Tag selector
  • Class selector
  • ID selector

Tag selector
In CSS, when HTML tags are used to determine different parts of the web page that is called Tag selector. Like-
body{background: #FC9;
font-family: Tahoma;
color: #F60;}

practice project
<title> Selectors</title>

body{background: #FC9;
font-family: Tahoma;
color: #F60;}

<body >
That's all for today. Check here for the following part of this tutorial.

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