Deep freeze: software that keeps your drive safe from virus

In recent time, we cannot think to operate our PC without antivirus. But there is many problems with antivirus. Most of them make our operating system slow. Moreover, you have to update the antivirus regularly. Forget all these hazards. From now you can operate your PC, even without antivirus!!!
Today I am going to talk about deep freeze. This is such a software, which keeps the operating system 100% secured. If it is installed into your PC, there is no need to scan your PC.

Let us have a look how the deepfreeze works:

Mainly it keeps the configuration and settings of the computer unchanged. If any virus attacks your computer, you just have to restart the PC. You are done with the virus!! by installing this software, you can easily research on virus or any hacking site. Because you are full secured.

How to set up:

  • You have to install the deepfreeze into C drive.
    When you install it into a drive, you cannot save any file on that drive. Moreover, it is better to install the operating system at first, and then set up it. And the benefit of installing the deep freeze only into C drive is, you can save any files and folders into any drive. 
  • While you finish the set up, your PC will automatically restart and you will see a dialogue box. Click ok and lock the drive with password. If you do not need to save any file, then you can activate deep freeze in all the partition.
  • Once you setup deep freeze you cannot remove it. So, you should know about the uses before you set up it. If required, then open the deep freeze and change the configuration as your demand. You can also save files to the other drives where deep freeze is deactivated.
  • By pressing the shift key, click on the deep freeze icon. You will see a dialogue box. Give password and press ok. Select Boot thawed, press ok for twice, and restart your PC.
  • After saving the required files, open deep freeze like the one before you did and select frozen.
  • You have to remember one thing, if there is already any virus in your computer then this process will not work. So at first, you have to scan your system with an antivirus.
Download deepfreeze 5.0 full version.

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