How to apply for Google adsense

Once it was easy to get approval of Google adsense. But now it becomes a big challenge for the bloggers. If you want to apply for it from blogspot then at first sign in to your blog. 
Click on Go to post list icon.
 Select Earning option from there.
Click on Switch  Adsense Account.
Click on Create account from Create a new Adsense Account tab.
Select  your Account type as “Individual” and your Country or territory as “Bangladesh” from Create an adsense account.
Then provide you contact informations. Put your name on Payee name. This must match with your bank account. If you don’t have any bank account right now then give you real name & address there. And open an bank account later using this name. Google will send a letter to your address to verify. Finally give your mobile number and put tick mark on every policy options. After that click on Submit Information.

You can edit all of your information before you continue. For doing that, click on Edit Account Information otherwise click on continue. You will get a message within 2 or 3 days & a confirmation E-mail within 1 month including every terms and conditions. Agree to submit it. That’s all.

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