Increase your net speed by following some steps

We use various software to make our net connection speedy. But if there is a problem with the registration key, then no software will increase your net speed. Today I am going to give you some tips about increasing the net speed. At first, you have to edit the registry key, and then you can get the speed by third party utility.
1st step:
At first, give the following command
Start> Run> type: regedit
The registry key will open and you have to go to the following address.
After going there, you will find a key like {D6277990-4C6A-11CF-8D87-00AA0060F5BF}. Delete it. Do not be afraid because if you want, you can keep the back up.
Come out from the registry.
2nd step:
Now some more registry key need to be edited. They are-
  • For windows XP:
1.       Go to Start >Run, type gpedit.msc and press enter.
2.       Expand the Asministrative Templates  by clicking on (+)
3.       Expand the network by clicking on (+)
4.       Click once, on the QoS Packet Scheduler.
5.       Then click on Limit Reservable Bandwith and mark on enabled box.
6.       Then convert the bandwith limit to 0%. It remains in 20% normally. Click on apply and restart your PC.
7.       Stop the automatic update of windows XP.
Restart your PC. By following this procedure, your speed will increase upto 20%. This tricks is only for XP users. Others must not apply this.
  • For windows vista/7:
1.       Disable the automatic update of windows vista/7. For this, go to Control Panel > All Control Panel Items > Windows Update > Change Settings. There you will find an option named Important Updates. You have to customize that option on never check for updates, instead of Install Update Automatically. Then you will find two more options. They are- Give me recommended updates the same way I receive important updates and  Allow all users to install updates on this computer. You will have to remove the tick mark from those options. Click ok and come out from control panel.
2.       If you use firefox then follow the given procedure.
a.       Open the firefox, type about:config on the address bar and press enter. If any warning is shown, then ignore it. Type network on the filter box. Then, modify the network.http.pipelining and set true. After that, go to network.http.pipelining.maxrequests and set the number 4 upto 8. Then restart your browser.
3rd step:
  • Some general tips:
1.       If your net connection is too slow, then go to the option of the browser and stop image loading. Such as- in case of firefox, go to Option > Content and remove the tick mark from Load images automatically.
2.       Delete the history,catch and cookies regularly. And keep the important sites into favourites.
3.       Keep the browser homepage on .com. incase of firefox, the default site is You should not change it.
4.       You will get a huge number of add-on for the browser. You should not use these.
5.       Do not use any theme on your browser it makes the browser slow.
6.       Do not change the default browser frequently. Moreover, do not import the history and bookmarks of one browser to another.
7.       There is some software to check the net speed. DU meter is such a software. If you want, then you can download it from the following link.  Download DU Meter From Here
8.       Always use a good antivirus to keep your system secured. Some good antiviruses are Norton Internet Security/Eset security/Bullgurd/Panda/AVira Security. Moreover, you can use avast antivirus. But never use more than one antivirus at a time. It may make your system crush.
4th step:
Now you have to use a third party software named, speedy fox. Run the software and click on optimize. Then restart your PC. You can download the software from the following link-
Finally, one thing to say that, all the work you have to do by disconnecting your net connection. If you face any problem, then take help from any professional. Beside this, we are always here to serve you. If you are afraid of editing the registry key, then follow the 4th step. It will increase your net speed upto 45%. That is all for today. Please inform us, if you are benefited or not.

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