Keep your system secure by giving startup password

Now you can keep your PC safe and secured. Many of us use many passwords. Like, windows account password, bios password etc. but they can be hacked easily. If you set a startup password, then it will be more secured. Startup password means such password, which is set before the logon screen is appeared. To set this password, follow the instructions-
  • Press windows logo key + r. then the run command will open.
  • Then type syskey, on the command field and press enter.
  • Then a new window will appear. Now click on Encryption Enabled, then click on update. After that, you will see a start up dialogue box.
  • Now click on password startup, give a password and press ok.
  • Now restart your PC. You will be asked for the password before the user account is appeared.
This trick is collected from turner page. Let us know, if you like it.

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