Website development with JOOMLA: part 1

Do you want to develop a website? It is quite tough to develop it if you do not have proper knowledge on web designing, coding, or HTML. Moreover, it will be costly if you want to take the help of any professional. The solution of this problem is JOOMLA. It is a content management system, which allows you to develop your website with practically no programming skills.
You can develop a website within a very short time as your preference. While developing the website, we have to add or remove lots of page or content. We have to do many mathematical calculations. So if we do all these works on the server of our site, it will become difficult to accomplish the task. To avoid this problem, we have to use our computer as a server. It is called the localhost. Whenever the site will be developed on the localhost, we will upload it to the main server. For the whole process, we need to have two things. The first one is xampp, it will turn your computer to localhost. And the other is, joomla project. Download these two things from below-
·         joomla 1.5 
I will try to describe the whole process easily with proper figure. In addition, every post related to this topic will have pdf, only for your convenient.
 On our next post we will discuss about the installation of xampp-1.7.1    and joomla. Until then good-bye.

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