Website development with JOOMLA: part 2

How are you friends? This is the 2nd part of this tutorial. We discussed about downloading the xampp-1.7.1  and joomla 1.5 on our previous session. In this episode, we will discuss about xampp installation and establishment of joomla project in it. At first, install the xampp software on C drive. Do not click on other command except next and finish. After the installation, an icon will appear on desktop, double click on it. After that, a screen will appear like the following figure-
Turn on the apache and mysql by clicking on the start menu. If they are already turn on, then no need to do anything. Now go to my computer and enter to xampp. Create a folder into xampp named technotoons. After that, go to that drive, where you have downloaded joomla. You will see a zip file, extract that to technotoons folder. After that, we have to create a database. For this, open the browser, and write down localhost/phpmyadmin on the address bar. A window will appear, write technotoons and click on the create button. Just like the following figure-
Now close the window and open the browser again. Write down localhost/technotoons on the address bar and press enter. You will see like the following figure-
Press next, then you will find like following-
Press next; the following figure will appear-
Press next; you will see the following-
Select mysql on the database typing place. And type localhost on the place of host name. type root on the place of user name. Do not need to give any password, type technotoons on the database name. Then go to next.
In this step, press next. Then you will see a figure. Here you have to type technotoons as the site name. give any email address on the space of your email. Type 123456 on admin password and confirm admin password. After that, click on install sample data.
After a while you will see, sample data installed successfully. Then press next. Within a few second, you will see finish window. Now you are done with installing sample data. After that, close the browser and go to the technotoons folder which you have created. There you will see many folders. You have to delete the folder named installation from technotoons. Then close the window. Now open your browser again and type localhost/technotoons on the address bar. Your joomla site is ready now.
Now you have to attach necessary information in this site.
On our next tutorial, we will discuss about how to attach the required information on a site. Until then, good-bye. Please let us know, whether this tutorial helped you or not.

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