What is the value of your site

Owing a website is like owing a claim on something valuable thing. The longer you own your domain, the more valuable it gets. If you promote your website properly, it will be your future asset. There is many website, in which thousands of visitors visit every day. Almost all of us have blogs; some of us have professional websites. We are developing websites for online earning. So it is very important to us to know the value of our website. Let us check the value. Go to the following link-
From the above image you can see the writing, “How much is your website worth” you will have to type the URL of the website on the box given bellow. After that, click on “Estimate Website Value” it will take almost 1munite. Have a look on the following image-
Here I have search for the blog site named, Prothom-Alo. It is worth 11,186$. You can search the value of any website by this way. go to the following link-
From this site, you will be able to know the value of top 10 sites, just like- Google, facebook, yahoo etc.

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