Deepfreeze uninstaller: make your system like before

Hello friends… how are you all? Few days ago, we shared with you about deep freeze software. It keeps your system safe and secured even without any antivirus. But, there is a problem with this. You cannot make change to your c drive while the deep freeze is installed into your drive. However, you face problem with uninstalling this software. But not to worry friends… today I am going to show you how to uninstall this.

How to uninstall deepfreeze:

  • At first, disable the software. For this, double click on the deep freeze icon by pressing the shift key of your key board. Or you can press CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+F6 all together. Now give your password and press ok. If you do not have any password then press ok. However, if you forget your password, then you have to download the anti deepfreeze software.
  • You can download this software from the following link-
              Download Anti deep freeze 
  • Open any software. select Open new process and click on start. Then press ok without any password. Then a dialogue box will appear on the Boot Option. Select Boot Thawed from here. press ok and restart your computer. You are successfully done to disable the deep freeze.
  • Now open the file from where you installed the deep freeze. Click on next, then click on uninstall. Wait for a while. Your PC will automatically restart. If it does not, then you have to restart it. Deep freeze uninstall is completed.
So friends… let us know, if this trick worked or not. That is all for today. Good bye!!

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