Get more space on mediafire

Hello friends.. How are you all? Today I am going to share something important about mediafire. Many of us save files on mediafire. but they give us only 200MB space. We have to face many problems for this. But no worries!! Now you can get more space on this site. You have to open a new account. 
So that, you will get 50GB space. It is free of cost. However it has two new account types. They are premium account and business account. You will get the following facilities from these two types of account.
  • If you open a premium account for $ 9, then you will get 250GB space instead of 50GB space.
  • If you open a business account for $ 49, then you will get 1000GB space instead of 250GB space!!
Moreover, it provides users with the ability to share common documents, presentation inside the web browser.
So guyzz… open account and get more storage on this site. Please let us know if this trick helped you or not. No more today. Have a good day!

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