Bangladesh The land of six seasons : The Rainy Season

Then comes the rainy reason for refreshing the nature with its healing power of rain drops to make the trees leafy with fresh leaves. The rainy season is greeted by students of Fine Arts faculty of Dhaka University for many years with Borsha Boran festival with participation of innumerous people bored with dog-tiring mechanical life of the capital to refresh their lives with a dose of funfair. The gloomy season of nature sheds tears and makes people search for spirituality in the serene beauty of Bangladesh when nature sings its rainy songs ceaselessly washing away all the dirty things of life and livings.

Bangladesh is also a land of rivers criss-crossed by 56 trans-boundary rivers and their hundreds of tributaries. During rainy seasons people can enjoy the serenity of nature by going on boat trip on mighty rivers full of waters to their brims and enjoy fishing.

Responding to the urge of eco tourism, different private sectors of beaming Bangladesh in recent days have developed several eco-tourism spots and resorts in the country’s Sylhet tea garden areas, Sonargao – the ancient capital of Bengal, Jamuna resort on the bank of mighty Jamuna, Padma resorts and many more spots in the midst of natural beauties and surroundings. Spending just a few days in those resorts during the rainy season, one could really go spiritual and feel the essence of life and the beautiful creation of earth by the Almighty.

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