Bangladesh The land of six seasons : Summer

Bangladesh is the lone country in the world which has quite distinctive six seasons – Summer, rainy season, autumn, late autumn, winter and spring- the king of all seasons (Grishma, Barsha, Sharat, Hemanta, Shit and Bashanta).  

All these six seasons could be quite distinctively felt and differentiated in Bangladesh which were celebrated by people of this South Asian country through various cultural, traditional and social programmes for ages to make life meaningful, enjoyable with this bounty of nature.

Summer is celebrated with ‘fruit festival’ by the people of this country as the seasons brings with it numerous summer delights – Jackfruits, watermelons, litchis, melons, pineapples, mangoes and many more mouthwatering fruits which are not just tasty and full of nutrients, but also rich in medicinal food values necessary for boosting human beings’ immune system.

Summer is also celebrated with traditional village fairs, picnics, Jatra, Palagaan, Kobigaan and many other festivities of folk art and culture of natural roots which are part of our rich heritage and tradition. 


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