Bangladesh The land of six seasons : Winter

The Himalayan cold breeze brings in winter in Bangladesh, though the winter here is not as chilly as that of the West. Still bone-chilling cold bring in many winter delights, specially many leafy vegetables and specially different forms of winter cakes that were made in rural villages just after settling down to rejoice the good harvest. Now the capital and other metropolitan cities during winter organize Pitha Utsab (cake festivals) along with rural villages going by the age-old traditions. Moreover, people enjoy Jatra both in rural villages and also in small towns. 

The guest birds flock to swamps, rivers and natural lakes (beels, haours like Chalan Beel, Tanguar Haor, Jahangirnagar University swamps) and big water bodies crossing thousands of miles from cold zones to relatively warm places in Bangladesh. Chirping of tens of thousands of guest birds makes those places heavenly with serene beauty of Bangladesh in winter days. Hundreds of species of winter birds from many continents visit Bangladesh for few months each year having congenial atmosphere and natural hospitality as well with adequate natural foods and fishes in those water bodies creating a rare scope to bird watchers to have glimpse of so many birds.

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