Solution for Analysis of Algorithm

Design and Analysis of Algorithms

Here solution to some problems can be found with concepts explained in Bangla. Dont need to say much, All you will find at below. Everything is in .pdf format and these are really very good solution and exercise solution of alogorithm.

Algorithms Text Book

pdf  Introduction to Algorithms (PDF Format)
pdf  Solutions for Introduction to Algorithms (PDF Format)

Algorithms Problem-Solutions

pdf  Algorithms Problem-Solutions (PDF Format)

Graph Theory for Dummies

This book is great for people who are afraid of implementing graph algorithms at the labs. Students who think that algorithms are very hard to understand and even harder to code at the labs would find an excellent and easy method of learning algorithms as well as coding them. This book includes all the graph algorithms except Max-Flow.

pdf  Graph Theory for Dummies (PDF Format) [Note: the images in this PDF format may appear to be unclear and not understandable. You're better off with the DOCX format.]
docx  Graph_Theory_for_Dummies (Word 2007 Format)

How to Write Recursive Functions on Your Own

I've found out that some students can't visualize the concept of recursive function. In this article I've demystified the concept in an easy-to-understand approach.
pdf  How to Write Recursive Functions on Your Own (PDF Format)
docx  How to Write Recursive Functions on Your Own (Word 2007 Format)

NP-Completeness & Approximation Algorithms

In this guide I've presented the proof of some problems being NP-Complete and an approximate algorithm for the VERTEX-COVER problem in plain Bangla (besides English) so that students may get the whole idea clearly and easily.
pdf  NP-Completeness & Approximation Algorithms (PDF Format)
docx  NP-Completeness & Approximation Algorithms (Word 2007 Format)


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