Sundarban The Largest Mangrove Forest of Bangladesh

The most attractive and revered tourist attraction is the Sundarbans, the single largest chunk of productive mangrove forest in the world which still exists with roaring tigers to greet the globe-trotters. The Sundarbans is named after its most attractive Sundari trees. The Sundarbans is full of natural resources – the most beautiful and thick forests, plenty of fisheries, and blissful wildlife and many other features of water resources. The forest of Sundarbans is always mysterious to its many time visitors even as it changes its color and splendours with seasons and also with the changing positions of the moon. It holds hundreds of mysteries of nature for its lovers, scientists, researchers and eco-tourists too.

The UNESCO has declared the Sundarbans as a world heritage site in 1999 and has taken different protective measures for preserving its mangrove forests and its natural habitats for the severely endangered Royal Bengal Tigers, the big cats that still roam around and roar around in the Sundarbans divided in between Bangladesh and India’s West Bengal state. But Bangladesh owns two thirds of the Sundarbans and the rest by West Bengal. 

The Sundarbans of Bangladesh part still provides shelters to around 460 Bengal Tigers in its dense mangrove forests. It is still one of the largest reserves for the Bengal Tigers that roam around with thunderous roar to attract the globe-totters to have an encounter with the rarest species of Tigers and hold the breath as a lifetime experience to be shared later to grand children in later part of life. There are three wildlife sanctuaries in the Sundarbans forest “Kotka-Kochikhaki” (east), “Hironpiont” (south) and “Manderbaria” (west) which holds hundreds of species of fishes, animals and reptiles along with its most famous Bengal Tigers.The Sundarbans is still home to around 330 plant species, 35 species of reptiles, 400 types of fishes, 270 species of birds and 42 species of mammals. Dublar char and many other chars around the Sundarbans with deer breeding grounds could help tourists enjoy all the cool of life far from the madding crowd.

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