What to do if stuck into quicksand

 Quicksand is something we watch in English movies. It is one of the scariest things to us. But now, throw out your worry. Quicksand is not as frightening as we see it in movies. So let’s know something about it so that if you have to face that kind of situation ever you will be able to handle that easily. Do you know what quicksand really is? It is a mixture of water, liquid mud and salt water .Now if you ever fall into quicksand, what will be happened!!! 

First thing you have to do is…. Don’t panic. Stay calm!  Because it is not possible for a person to be drawn completely under quicksand. The reason is that human isn’t dense enough. The density of quicksand is about 2 grams per milliliter while human is only about 1 gram per milliliter. So that, sinking in quicksand is impossible. Got it, man! Still if this trouble finally arrives you what to do then?

How to get out of quicksand:
  • If you are carrying anything heavy just drop it.
  •  Relax! Most quicksand isn’t very deep. But if you come across a particularly deep spot, you could most likely sink immediately to your waist or chest level. If you panic you can sink further, but if you relax, your body will help you to float over there.
  • Keep as still as possible until your feet touch solid ground.

  • Breathe deeply. Keep as much air in your lungs as possible. This will make you more buoyant.

  • Get on your back. Bend backward. The more you widen out your weight, the harder it will be to sink. Float on your back.

  • Take your time. If you're stuck in quicksand, rapid movements will take you more to more depth. So, whatever you do, do it slowly.

  • Whenever you go out for any tour try to carry some useful things like a rope at least 20 feet what will help you in this case.

So friends… No more frightening of quicksand. It’s not any bizarre of nature!

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