Download from mediafire

Recently many of you are facing problems in downloading things from mediafire. I am here with three types of solutions for this problem. If the first one fails, then you can try the others. They are as follows-
  • Click on the download link.
  • Then log in to the account of mediafie.
  • Then refresh your browser.
  • GO will see a mediafire link and a box. Copy the link on that box. You might be given a password box including a password. If so, then write down the password on that box. Then click on generate. You are done.  
  • Open the page of the given link. Then go to the source page. You will see a box named Search (Ctrl + F). on that box write

    ACV =
    and press enter. You will see a link acv=”a href=’……..’  from that link, copy only…….. And paste it on the browser. Then press enter. After that, you can download easily. There will be no more problem.

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