Trojan: millions of computers is going to disconnect to internet.

Guyzz… Trojan is out there. This is a malware, which can infect both windows and mac computers. Mainly Trojan is a DNS changer. DNS (domain name service) is how the web organizes its address. Trojan redirects your computers DNS and sends you to hacker-created websites filled with ads whenever they want. News from Mashable.
The virus spread out on 2007. Moreover, the inventors have been stopped and arrested, but still millions of PCs could be affected. For this, the internet connections of infected computers will cease to exist on july 9.
The FBI already shut down the ‘rove digital’ operation and set up its own DNS servers. However, these servers will shut down on july 9. Mainly they were set up for four months. But, a judge ordered an extension of their operation.
 Users have to check that, if their DNS is Trojan infected or not. For this they have to go to the following website-
If Trojan is found then, go to the following link for antivirus

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