Want to be a successful blogger? Learn here about WordPress.com & be one of them( part- 6)

 Friends..let's start with the sixth part here. Last time we talked about the admin part of WordPress.com. Here I am for remaining discussion. Before, starting that check here for previous part of this tutorial who missed that. And I starting here for you guys, who are with me from the very beginning-



User is one of the most important features from where you can add new users, change their roll or remove them, and also add/ remove information on their profile.
All Users:
See the list of users of your blog from here. You can also edit them.
Invite New:
Invite peple to your site from here.
My Profile:
From here you can add/ edit/ remove various informations to your profile.
Personal Settings:

Turn your personal setting on/off from here. Like visual editor, admin color scheme, keyboard shortcut etc. In addition you can also change the interface language of your dashboard.



From Tools menu you can import anything from other site to your blog or export anything from your blog and if you wish you can even remove your blog.
Available Tools:
From here you can verify webmaster tools of Google, yahoo and Bing at your blog. Learn more from here.
It helps you while importing anything.
It helps in exporting anything of your blog to another blog.
Delete Site:
From here you can delete your site or transfer it to another user, change host or remove all informations etc.



It is the most important option of your blog. You can change all settings from here.
From here you can change Site title, tagline, time zone and even the language of your site.
You can choose Writing Settings from here. For example: you can change post-box size, Formatting, default category, default post category etc.
Change reading setting fom here. That means it gives you the option to control the number of post shown on your homepage or either the feed will show summary of the post or whole text etc.
You can change all settings about comments from here.
This option is to change all settings about media files.
If you want to show your site on search engines, control that from here.
Add/ remove various sharing buttons to your blog post from here.
Polls & Ratings:
Get all settings of polls & ratings of Polldaddy.com here.
If you have already purchased a domain name then this option canhelp you to change your blog domain name & have the domain you purchased (example- .com .org. .net .info)
 Email Post Changes:
If you want to be informed about every new post published on your blog through mailing, control that setting from here.
Text Messaging:
This feature allows you to be connected with your blog via SMS. But, it is only applicable for US’S numbers.
If you add any link here & that site supports WordPress sign-in then you need not to sign-in there separately to be logged-in. Just provide your open ID I mean, your blog address & be signed in there automatically. Learn more from here.
It will help you to develop push notification in the simplest way. Click here more detail.
Introductory part is over!
 Read the following parts of this tutorial here...if you face any difficulties..let me know that. I will try to help you!

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